Workshop: Cisco ISE & Enterprise BGP

Workshop Cicso ISE Enterprise BGP

Technology combined training. We are announcing the Cisco ISE & Internet Edge 4 Days accelerated workshop. This is one-time training & the only one in the market. This is combined training for those who want to improve Cisco ISE troubleshooting… Continue Reading


What is DHCP and how does it work?

DHCP how does it work

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a protocol that is commonly used in networks for dynamic IP addressing configuration. Every user’s device needs at least one an IP address to join the network and connect to services. When a computer… Continue Reading


Towards 5G – New 5G-PPP Projects Kick-off (5G PPP Phase2)


This blogpost is an introduction to the next steps of the 5G research under the umbrella of Horizon-2020 EU-funded projects. This is the third part of our “research activities in Europe“ blogpost series, a continuation of Towards 5G – research activities in Europe (part… Continue Reading


Does your network have these features enabled? – Part 1

Gradmetric.com Network feature checklist risk mitigation

Many people wonder why good design and implementation of corporate LAN and Edge features is necessary. There are many answers to this simple question and among them, we require a good network to be least vulnerable to unwanted intrusions along with it… Continue Reading


Petya or NotPetya – External Blue MS17-010 hits again

Grandmetric.com Petya NotPetya Ransomware

No matter the attack is original Petya worm or it’s modified version (already called NotPetya), the fact is that it hits biggest brands starting at Ukraine government, Chernobyl power station continuing with Raben, Maersk or St Gobain. So yes, it… Continue Reading


Introducing new meetup for network & wireless geeks in Poznan!

Network&Wireless Meetup Poznań

I have pleasure to announce Network&WirelessMeetup group in Poznań, Poland! All interested in IP & Wireless Networking, Network Security and design are welcome to join, come, talk to our Network & Wireless group. We will talk about network and wireless… Continue Reading


New Cisco ASA Bootcamp | Deep Dive released !

Cisco ASA Bootcamp, FirePower training on site

We have just announced the Cisco ASA Deep Dive training series. We’re going to dive in firewalling techniques and here is what you will learn: Rules and differences between FW Statefull, UTM and NGFW You’ll configure PAT, NAT, ACL, MPF,… Continue Reading


3GPP Release-15: Further LTE Enhancements and 5G Normative Work Kick-off


LTE-Advanced Pro1 was defined within Rel-13, but the standardization didn’t stop there. Further enhancements have been introduced in Rel-14 and recently started Rel-15. In parallel to LTE evolution, both releases initialized, the first set of study and work items towards… Continue Reading


VPN Remote Access with Multi Factor Authentication Experience – Case Study

MFA approve decline mobile app

I would like to share my experience with VPN Remote Access and Multi Factor Authentication with products from Cisco and Duo Security: Cisco Identity Services Engine 2.X, Cisco ASA 5500-X Anyconnect Secure Mobility Client (VPN client) MFA Cloud based services from Duo… Continue Reading